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We are back at Sea, August 2012

January 2010-June 2012: Working away


Children are exploring a newly found turtle in the forest.

Ilısu region waterfall


Gobustan region ancient caves


We were away for a consulting engagement, 2.5 years in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Once there we spent most of our free times to explore the country from North to South and East.

One of the central park areas in Baku

Carrying a 'small' load on a taxicab!

Landscape in Summer surrounding Baku!

July 2012: Preparing Snow White to launch


Taking care of family; Grandfather, daughter, and grandchildren

Finally Snow White is in water, ready to sail.....

Snow White anchored at Ayvalik, Ortunc Bay

We are still at Ayvalık, Setur Marina.

Breakfast in Snow White, our crew is growing and soon will be helpful for managing the boat.

He almost caught a fish that big!

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