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Cruising around Lesvos, Greece

August 23, 2012 Thursday


Sailing across the channel between Ayvalik and Lesvos, it was just great!


2012 is the year that Snow White had to exit Turkey after completing 5 years in the country. The easiest way to do that was to go just across Ayvalik, about 20 nautical miles away to Mytilene on Lesvos (Lesbos) Island. The island is sometimes referred as Mytilini (or Midilli in Turkish).

We chose today after observing weather patterns. Cruising was excellent, although the weather report said some heavy winds existed, we actually did not sail 2/3rd of the way due to low wind. It was a clear sky, beautiful water and almost too good to be true.

We departed Ayvalik Setur Marina at 10:00 am and tied at dock in Mytilene at 13:30.

Entering into a Greek port was rather easy. Since we were all Canadians, no visas were required, paid 30 Euro for customs and 15 Euro for the port. We anchored at the mid section of the inner port, connected to water and electricity, no problem.

As I am writing this, I am also connected to one of the free wireless system of rows of restaurants and cafes along the harbour.


August 24, 2012 Friday: Checking out the town



At first, we wanted to sail around the island and go to one of the deep inland bays. Later, we decided to rent a car and cover the island by car in one day. We plan to do that next day.

So, today, it was a discovery of shops, restaurants, and historical parts of the city in the morning. In the afternoon, we took the kids to a public beach just outside the pier.

The water was perfect, we all went for a swim, both of our little children had their first free swimming with arm floaters on.

Another picture perfect day ended with children wanting to play more in the park. We both felt exhausted but they were ready for more! It was a bit stressful and a bit crying, until we settled for dinner and ice cream later.

The harbour is now full of yachts and various kinds of boats in addition to cruising ships coming and going.

It is interesting that people are not seen on streets, even some shops are closed until late in the afternoon. It starts filling up after 7 pm.

After 11 pm, all taverns and restaurant let out their entertainment system in full blast until 3 am or so in the morning. So, it looks like, we will have to take two more nights of this noisy place at night.

August 25, 2012 Saturday

View from Agiassos, narrow streets and coffee shops with elderly people.

Kids playing in front of Aphrodite Hotel at Vatera Beach


 We took our small Hyundai from a car rental agency across the street who looks like representing Budget, Europecar, and a few others. The cost was 35 Euros per day plus gasoline.

At 10 pm, or trip started conveniently from where Snow White was at Mytilene harbour to around Gena Gulf then to an ancient city of Agiassos in the hills. It seemed like the city was also dwelled by many Turks during the Ottoman times, so it had very similar characteristics. The older people, sitting by the street cafes, yelled and talked to us giving us directions in Greek, English, Turkish all at the same time and arguing about what they said. Then they yell over at the next group sitting at another shop or cafe to show us where to go... and all laughed, having fun with the tourists who got lost.

Anyway, we did not get lost, back down the hills to Vassilika, Polichnitos, and Vatera by the sea. We stopped at Aphrodite hotel to use their facilities, pool, playground and beach. They said, we only had to drink something, otherwise 3 Euro per person. Kids enjoyed the clean beach and water, a pristine day. Later the spent an additional two hours at the pool.

At 5 pm we departed Vatera back to Vassilika then went north to Achladeri, Kallonis, Ag Paraskevi, Mantamados ending up at the northern coastline. Turning south we stopped at Mistegna, Thermi and back to Mytillene by 7:30 pm. 

We returned the car and went for a dinner outside.

It is now Sunday 2:30 am loud music still continues.

Tomorrow (today) is Sunday, it looks like weather and wind will be good to go back to Ayvalik, Turkey.

August 26, 2012 Sunday

Leaving Mytilene was also uneventful. We took our boat to customs area, then stamped our passports at police, then to port authority to exit then to customs to clear. We paid 20 Euros at the port to use their facilities and dock based on the size of our boat.


The weather was just sunny and less than 10 knm wind. We motored all the way in to Ayvalik, tied at our spot in the marina. We gave the documents and passports to the agent who will complete our entry into Turkey which will be good for another 5 years of stay.


Seen in the picture kids at the wheel. In the background, the city of Mytilene.


Our first Olive Orchard in Ayvalik

Magnificent view of approaching storm over Lesvos island pictured from Asos on Turkish coastline.




The ruins of the ancient city of Pergamon and its restored acropolis (Bergama)


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