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2013 Came and went quickly

October 2012: Harvesting Olives with friends from USA


Harvesting Olives in Ayvalık. Above Sue is clipping olives from the trees. 

Belove is our daughter giving it a try also.


While 2012 was ending, we had visitors from the US. Our long time friends (of 32 years) came to visit us. We had one good day sailing, several days sightseeing around Ayvalik, Bergama, Asos, and a week in Istanbul.  Of course, a return trip is due soon.


Here are some views from Ayvalik's highly popular Devil's Foot hill. Ayvalık is a well known town for its oxygen rich, clean air, summer breeze and its olive oil. Our olive orchard is now given to a contractor who provides us with freshly squeezed (cold pressed) olive oil.

October 2012: Visit to Bergama (Pergamon)



Bergama is one of the ancient cities in Turkey, located only 30 km inland over the top of a hill well protected from intruders. It was known to be the capitol city of Kingdom of Pergamon around 281–133 BC. The city below it now has a population over 50,000.   


  The picture shows the magnificient view of ancient theatre and storage places well preserved underground. Below is a pine nut processing facility located over the hills full of pine nut trees.

Summer 2013: Sailing in Ayvalık




Our summer sailing was mainly around Ayvalik, usually a daily trip to an island, shoreline or beaches in the nearby area.


Come here! Fishy! Fishy!

August 2013: South Aegean

We travelled by boat and by car. Kids usually end up playing with their Ipads when underway. They enjoyed swimming - all the time. Our summer was busy with traveling to various locations in Turkey.


The adventure of Snow White continued this summer in North Aegean Sea.

One of our car trips was to Bodrum-Marmaris area and stayed at a place called Mazi. It is a remote location just south of Bodrum not so crowded. It is extremely nice weather in pine tree covered land.


We extended our trip to the tip of Datça peninsula on the south side, Selimiye, Bozburun, Söğüt, etc. We liked Bozburun the most. It is a well protected natural harbour with so many sail boats. Bozburun will be our target area to establish our future home there in the next few years. Just check Google with Bozburun, you will understand reason for our interest.


Autumn 2013: Rize and Black Sea


 Tangerines are delicious as always. Right is a view from the top of our land.

During a religious holiday, we were able to visit our home in Rize, very Northeast part of Turkey. The old house in the pictureis where Bükey family was originated from. It is now in ruins. Most everyone moved to high rise apartments by the shoreline. The water is still clean and good for fishing by locals.

The tea plantation is everywhere, in between tea plants, there are kiwi, tangerines, fruits and vegetables of all kinds and plenty of them.


Saved this turtle on the road from being run over.

Ate fresh water trout at this fish farm/restaurant on the way to Ayder.

Horse back riding.


Anchovies with pilaf, a delicacy.

And back to work and school. We are starting our first grade in 2013.



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