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2016 Family Log

February 2016: Lots of snow

  snow in Turkey

2016 came with heavy snow falls. Our two live pine trees with lights were left on the front porch. Most of January, they were covered with snow. Later in February, heavy snow caused the city to close all schoold. Children were happy to be out for the most the days and play with the snow.

Children playing

Spring came very quickly and soon we were busy with planting flowers, vegetables, various seeds, etc. Our area in Turkey is literally a farmland, so there is no shortage seedling or seeds of different kinds. We had green peppers, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, lettuce, and other herbs, strawberries, rasberries whereever we find a spot, there was something.

The next thing was to groom the fruit plants. We had an apple tree, a grape wine, an apricot tree, a plum and a walnut right in our back yard.

snow at home

Then we traveled to Bozburun at the end of Februay and surprised to see the trees were blossoming.



April-May 2016: Spring is coming

  The picture below is a view of Rize from the slopes. The foreground plants are tea plants, not the ferns.


Our first trip out of home was to go to Rize (our hometown) where we had a wedding (a traditional style) in the family. We were surprised and sad to see many condominiums raising by the sea front. Our family home on the right and front is dwarfed by the high rise apartments in the background.

Apartments in Rize


The spring came with living abroad in our sail boat on weekends. Kids were busy with fishing on most evenings in the marina right off the boat.


July 2016: Summer time


A day at the beach near Ayvalık.

We had visitors from out of country to join our fishermen and fisherwomen. They enjoyed catching carp like fish and releasing them to water later.





July 2016: Sailing and swimming

sailing with kids

There are no need for words to describe the enjoyment of sunny days with not much wind at sea.



A picture with Janissarries in ceremonial dress. We had pictures taken with children.

August 2016: End of Season


Back to Ayvalık and enjoying the summer still.



Horseback riding, not bad for a first exprience


This is our Ayvalık home that we bought and fixed up to spend the summers there.

There is big bird in the tree...

Organic grapes right in our back yard.

The year ended with lighting up the Christmas threes and burning the woodstove, playing games and eating roasted chesnut.


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