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Welcome! We are the Bukey family currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We have lived in Ontario for most of our lives. In 2001, we sold our house in Burlington and move to city of Toronto. A year later, we joined the National Yacht Club of Toronto

I own a management consulting firm,, Becky is an opera singer,

In 2007, we purchased our first sail boat, Beneteau Oceanis 39.3 from a dealer in Croatia. Same year in April, we had our first baby daughter, we nicknamed her Snow White same as our boat's name. We decided to take the summers off to explore coastline of Mediterranean and Black Sea countries.

The rest of the story is posted here.

We are hoping to share our journeys/voyages with friends who would like to come along and share part of the trip with us. We will take care of most boat work except for some part of cooking and cleaning which would be helped out by the members on the boat. We look forward to have our friends on board and enjoy the blue voyages.








Please see the pictures in previous logs. The pictures tell more than we can write here. It may be summarized in the following comment that was sent by Camerons:

"Thank you for a trip of a lifetime!"


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